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Good Samaritans Almost Arrested for Trying to Free Dog From Leghold Trap

A dog was found near Lexington, South Carolina with a leghold trap stuck to its paw, however, the local animal control officers were not going to allow anyone to rescue the dog.

Despite the clear suffering of the dog, the rescuers were threatened that any attempt to save the dog would result in an immediate arrest.”

The animal rescue group Hope for Paws, put out a plea to local citizens who have a relationship with the animal control to ask for permission to free the dog.  Luckily, the call was answered and the dog was able to be taken to a vet to have the trap removed.

Stories like this one are the reason that Wyoming Untrapped worked so hard to get the regulations changed in Wyoming.  Without our efforts, citizens would have been at risk of having a similar situation happen to them.  The new Wyoming furbearer trapping regulations now state that you can release a pet or livestock from a trap or snare without legal ramifications.  We thank all of you for your support as these regulations wouldn’t have been changed without your comments and backing.

Full story here.

Photo by Hope for Paws.

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