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Great Horned Owl Trapped in Wyoming

A Great Horned Owl was spotted in early November with a trap hanging from its foot in Star Valley, Wyoming. Kerry Singleton provided Wyoming Untrapped with details, which WU conveyed to Teton Raptor Center and Craighead-Beringia South. Plans were made to capture the owl for rehabilitation if necessary, but thankfully the raptor dropped the trap without any apparent severe injuries.

On Nov. 19 Teton Raptor Center gave this update:
“Hi everyone- important update on this owl: It has just been spotted and the trap is gone!!! Some wonderful concerned citizens down in Freedom, Wyoming are keeping a watchful eye on it right now and report that it appears to have a sore foot, but is flying perfectly in an area with a plentiful food supply.”

This owl was lucky to survive this trapping incident. Many non-target catches do not.

If you find a bird of prey which appears to need help, please call:
The Teton Raptor Center at their injured raptor hotline 307-200-6019.
For any animals caught in traps, Wyoming Untrapped wants to know.

Thanks to Kerry Singleton who reported the trapped incident, Footloose Montana for getting the word out there, Wyoming Untrapped, The Teton Raptor Center, Craighead Beringia South, and other individuals. This Great Horned Owl certainly had caring supporters ready to take action. Thank you everyone!

The incident served as a reminder that traps remain a hazard to both furbearers and non-target species alike, but most importantly, reminded us how many people care about seeing wildlife free and untrapped!

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