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Great Pyrenees Rescued From Leghold Trap


Another dog-trapping incident has been reported in the Star Valley area, off of Smith’s Fork road near Buckskin Knoll caught in a trap and badly injured. It’s a heroic, heartwarming and compassionate story of the rescue of a guardian dog caught in a leghold for possibly days before its rescue. Was the trap set legally?  Was the trap checked in the required 72 hours after being set?  We don’t know, but a WGFD investigation is underway. Wyoming Untrapped will share details as we learn them.

The @Animal Humane Association of Star Valley posted this account:
“Tuesday (Oct 8, 2019) afternoon we received a message that a dog was found up off of Smith’s Fork road near Buckskin Knoll caught in a trap and badly injured. He was scared and starving to death! The poor baby had been up there for days. Some heroic hunters managed to free him from the trap, get him out of the wilderness, and to the amazing vets at Bridger Animal Hospital. Miraculously the dog, now called “Buck”, made it through the night and under the care of the staff at Bridger continues to improve. The treatment he will need is extensive, he has already lost his foot, and he has a long uncertain road to recovery. He is in great hands now thanks to those brave hunters who risked so much to save this precious dog. We are told he is the sweetest gentleman as well despite everything he has been through.

What an amazing effort by everyone involved!! If you would like to be a part of Buck’s heroic story you can donate to his growing medical bills and recovery. Every dollar received will go directly towards Buck’s and his care. To be a part of his success story you can call 307-883-PETS or stop into our shelter and donate. You can also donate directly to Bridger Animal Hospital. It’s all for the animals and made possible through our wonderful community!!!”

Update 10.14.19  GOOD NEWS!

For everyone following the story of the dog, Buck, that was caught in the trap – here is your update!

The @Animal Humane Association of Star Valley posted this account:
“Buck is doing great thanks to the efficient and top notch care he received at Bridger Animal Hospital. Everyone was able to come together and raise ALMOST every single penny of his first round of medical treatment. WOW! We are so thankful to have so many wonderful animal lovers donate to Buck’s cause. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, liked, commented, shared, and prayed for this dog. It takes the efforts of so many individuals to help these animals and our little animal shelter couldn’t do it without each and every one of you out there! You make it possible to give dogs like Buck a second chance at life.”

“Buck is in a temporary foster home resting, gaining strength, and learning how to be loved. He is a kind and gentle soul with a heart of gold. This dog has such a good-natured and pleasant personality, considering all he has been though. We are now taking applications for his adoption and will be thoroughly vetting every applicant to find the perfect home for this true survivor.
[ You can find an application for adoption and a questionnaire at under the forms heading. Download the PDF, print it, complete it, and either drop it at our shelter or email it to ]”

“If you would like to continue to donate to Buck’s ongoing medical care and further check ups he will need you can call Bridger Animal Hospital (he is called Trapper at their facility) to donate or leave a message at AHASV by calling 307-883-PETS for further information. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who has helped, “It’s all for the animals!””



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