Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Human Footprint blog mentions Wyoming Untrapped

From the Human Footprint and Leslie Patten, whose dog ‘Koda’ was once trapped:

“19th century laws that favor trappers are still on the books in most states [i.e. do not touch a trap or you will receive a ticket. In Utah it’s $500. In Wyoming $250].

Because more people are using public lands to recreate, more and more dogs are being caught in traps placed near trails and roads. These and other incidents have produced a groundswell of outrage which is growing across the West. Organizations like Wyoming Untrapped and Footloose Montana have sprung up to answer this need. Bobcat trapping around the perimeter of Joshua Tree National Park prompted California to establish the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 banning trapping around national and state parks and other wildlife preserves.

Most of the conversation in the public or with Game Agencies has centered around protecting dogs and humans recreating on public lands. This discussion includes new measures such as closures and set-backs. It’s an achievable goal–one that even most Trapping Organizations would agree to. This is a fine first step.”

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