Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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JHNG: Trapping Rules Hazy for Park Inholdings

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Trapping Rules Hazy for Park Inholdings.
State mum on legality of running traplines on private property within Grand Teton park.
by Mike Koshmrl

Trapping appears to be legal on the Grand Teton National Park inholdings under the recent ruling. Wyoming Untrapped will keep a close eye on this situation, and will keep you posted.

“When wildlife jurisdiction was with the National Park Service, hunting and trapping was prohibited for all wildlife, with the exception of elk.

The legality of trapping in Teton park inholdings is complicated by there now being at least two state departments in control of the wildlife there.

“Predatory” species in Wyoming — which include coyote, red fox, porcupine, skunk and others — are managed without rules by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. Furbearer species such as mink, bobcat, muskrat, weasel, badger, marten and beaver are managed with set seasons and limits by Game and Fish.”

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