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Legal to Trap and Drown Otters Underwater

While otters are a protected species in Wyoming, they still fall victim to traps and snares set for mink, beavers, and muskrat. Traps don’t discriminate which species are caught and drowned.

Even though the population of river otters is thought to be more stable today, it wasn’t long ago that their populations dangerously dwindled. Because of unregulated trapping and coal, oil and gas industries destroying their habitats, river otters who once thrived all across the country were wiped out from 11 states.

Otters are known for being adorable and playful creatures who form tight social bonds — but what’s less well known is how they are being killed.

Recreational trappers are targeting North American river otters, and most people probably don’t even realize that this is still legal in many places across the country.

If you live in Vermont, residents can contact local legislators to tell them you oppose trapping. The VFW is taking public comments on the proposed expansion until April 21. To submit public comment, you can email and the VFW commissioner at You can also sign this petition.

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Photo:, courtesy of The Dodo.

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