Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Meet “Spirit” at the Winter People’s Market, Jackson, WY

Join us at the Winter People’s Market at their NEW LOCATION at The Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center on Saturday Feb 1st, from 1-4pm for a fun family event with delicious local food and live music! Local offerings will include regional winter produce, prepared food, and goods from local artisans!






Drop by Our Booth and Meet “SPIRIT” – A Trapped Wyoming Bobcat


We have commissioned a magnificent sculpture to our Awareness Through Art program. We are delighted to introduce a bobcat sculpture, “SPIRIT”, a year-in-the-making piece by local artist Terry Chambers in collaboration with Wyoming Untrapped (WU). We wanted to show the spirit of a bobcat, a Wyoming furbearer that’s really a free-roaming spirit trapped within these pieces of steel. Terry painstakingly disassembled 50+ traps, cleaned, shaped and cut into an excess of 600 pieces.  There are at least 8 different types and sizes of traps, most of them vintage, 80-100 years old. These traps and snares were designed to trap and kill animals, but WU and Chambers are finding a new use for them as components in artwork to raise awareness about trapping.

Art helps us feel it emotionally and physically.  Art can mitigate the numbing effect created by the glut of information we are faced with today, and motivate people to turn thinking into doing.  Art engages with the world to change the world.

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