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Remembering on Memorial Day

“In the midst of the family picnics, yard work, spring cleaning, photography jaunts, and graduation festivities, take a moment to think on the over 1.3 million military men and women that died in service to our country in wartime.

Photographed from my car in Lansing NY a couple weeks ago. And no, I didn’t plant the flag and no photoshop is involved. The Red Fox kit is wild and no bait was used. Silly perhaps to put all these disclaimers but more and more I think it’s necessary in a photography climate where all kinds of “tricks” are used to “get the shot.” You can count on my photography to be straightforward and my subjects to be wild and unmanipulated.”

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Thank you Melissa!

© Melissa Groo Photography/All Rights Reserved 2014

Note:  a repost from Memorial Day 2014.

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