Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Mountain Lions Falling Victim to Traps

“Montana FWP recently expressed concern regarding mountain lions falling victim to traps and in traps set for pine martens.
20 mountain lions were reported trapped in preliminary findings for Montana 2013/2014 furbearer trapping season list of reported nontarget animals. One was claimed to be uninjured. 7 mountain lions were released with foot damage and 12 were killed! One in a conibear body crushing trap set for a raccoon.
Nontarget animals, including protected species do not have to be reported unless they cannot be released “unharmed”. That determination generally falls upon the trapper to decide. A freed animal, running off exhibiting its wild and natural instincts to escape does not make it unharmed. The new reporting exception is for incidental catches from traps set for wolves. Traps and snares do not discriminate. Ask FWP.” 

Shared by Trap Free Montana Public Lands


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