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National Geographic Claims Fur for Fashion is Back

We reviewed this National Geographic article today, expecting that it would not only reveal the horrors contained in fur farms, but also reveal that no living creature should be trapped in a cage its entire life, never touching the earth, or being able to stretch its legs, or to ever be able to run wild and free and untrapped. In a modern world with alternatives to fur, there is never a “more humane” option. Fur farming of any kind will never be “the model for all the forms of animal production.”  It should END!

Author Richard Conniff’s solution is “Instead of banning fur production, keep applying pressure to push out the worst farmers. Then take the most progressive fur farmers and the improvements they’ve made that are not only feasible, but even at times profitable—containment of agricultural runoff, measures to reduce stress, better housing, routine welfare inspections—and make them the model for all the forms of animal production on which our pampered lives depend on.”

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Richard Conniff’s Blog Article.

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