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New Jersey Committee Passes Ban on Leghold Trapping

The New Jersey Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee voted today to pass a resolution to reinstate New Jersey’s ban on leghold traps. Trapping was originally outlawed by the legislature in 1984 and reinforced by the Superior Court of New Jersey and the Kean Administration.

This vote on ACR 250 comes after overwhelming public opposition to dismantling the ban. A recent 2015 statewide poll demonstrates that 69 percent of New Jersey voters believe that leghold traps are inhumane.

Kathleen Schatzmann, New Jersey senior state director for The Humane Society of the United States, issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote echoes what the majority of New Jersey residents believe: there is no justifiable reason to allow these cruel and dangerous traps in our state. Trapping causes massive suffering to a host of animals and undermines the intent of the legislature. Trappers and their allies want you to think that these traps are humane. But nothing could be further from the truth. We thank Chairman Reed Gusciora, D-15, and Assembly member Troy Singleton, D-7, for sponsoring this important measure and Senator Raymond Lesniak, D-20, for attending today’s hearing and for leading the charge on this issue in the Senate.”

ACR 250 could be up for an Assembly floor vote as early as December 17. SCR 175, sponsored by Sen. Lesniak, has been assigned to the Senate Energy and Environment Committee.

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