Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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A New Organization Seeking Safe Trails and Trapping Reform Has Just Launched in Utah

We will have lots of information on trap types, getting help, whats happening in regards to predator control and welfare, stories from locals and resources you can use to be well informed on the issues. Our main goals are 1. Make hiking safer in Utah and 2. Regulate trapping so the animals suffer less. This is a start. We hope to have this information up by the beginning of 2015.

Let us know if you want to be included in the movement for a better and safer Utah for the animals and the humans! For quick and more information check out our companion website TrailSafe Nevada: Here you will find information on pet safety, types of traps and how to release them, TrailSafe Nevada’s efforts to regulate trapping and recent incidents back up the need for more regulation. Here are some other sites that really are worth checking out. For general trapping And one of the best sites for information on the

We will have lots of sites in our resources section when its done. Humane treatment of animals is coming much into the public consciousness thanks to social media and the internet.

Our motto: Educate and Regulate ”

Photo: Leslie Patten’s “Koda” caught by the leghold trap on the road.


  • Valerie

    Hello. Great to find your note back re Utah trapping regs. When I get back to the motel this eve I’ll forward the notice I built as well as a summary of Zeke getting trapped that you are most welcome to publish! Talk with you soon. Thanks for the immediate note back. Valerie

    • Wyoming Untrapped

      Valerie, Yes, please send Zeke details. Lisa

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