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Predator Defense Wildlife Services Documentary Receives Praise

From Eugene Weekly

Recently Predator Defense’s documentary, Exposed: USDA’s Secret War on Wildlife, which delves into the federal agency Wildlife Services, won high praise from noted primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, who writes, “I hope it will be watched by millions.”

In her review, Goodall writes that after watching Exposed, “two emotions vie with each other: First, horror that cruelty of this magnitude and scale has been perpetrated, for so long, in the name of the American government. And second, great admiration for the brave men who, jeopardizing personal safety and future employment, spoke out against the atrocities that they saw perpetrated, and admitted having perpetrated themselves.”

“Millions of Americans” will learn through watching the film, Goodall writes, “of the unforgivable actions of those who have exercised their power to cause untold agony to thousands of innocent fellow creatures on our planet.”

Exposed can be seen on the Predator Defense website at Or contact Predator Defense at 937-4261 or to arrange a showing.

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