Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Saga of the World’s Most Famous Grizzly

Wyoming Grizzly 399 is known worldwide, her story shared in the new book ‘Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek’ by Tom Mangelsen and Todd Wilkinson, explores the possible de-listing of the species. This excerpt, by Todd, published as a cover story in the international weekly edition of the Christian Science Monitor raises questions about delisting and potential trophy sport hunting.

Should delisting happen, “management authority will be handed over to Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Those states already have made clear their intention to revive sport hunting of grizzlies, leaving many to worry that 399 could end up in someone’s gun sights – no differently than what happened last summer with the killing of Cecil the lion by a Minnesota bow hunter in Zimbabwe, which ignited an international firestorm.”

“Indeed, a ferocious debate is swirling about whether the population of grizzlies has revived to the point at which “delisting” them is a good idea. Some environmentalists question if states can be trusted to oversee the bear since it was under their watch historically that bears almost disappeared. Proponents of delisting believe they can – and should.”

Read full article:  Saga of the World’s Most Famous Grizzly

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