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South Dakota Game, Fish and Park Places a Bounty on Predators








We are saddened to read about the initiative in South Dakota to increase predator trapping. The Game, Fish and Park committee is “offering $10 for tails of predators captured through trapping.”

“The bounty program is part of Noem’s Second Century Initiative, which aims to decrease predators and improve nesting success for pheasants and other game birds, which brings in thousands of out-of-state hunters…Approximately 16,500 live traps have been reserved by a maximum of 5,500 households in the state, at a cost of nearly $100,000″

Where is the science for this large scale reduction in predators? If you are a resident of South Dakota, we urge you to contact your elected officials as well as the GF&P department to state your concerns regarding this practice.

Here is a link to the contact information for the South Dakota GF&P Commission:

Read the full article here:

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