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Trap found near Jackson, WY Animal Adoption Center

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Wyoming Untrapped received a report of trapping along a Jackson Hole hiking trail, off of Adams Canyon Road behind the Animal Shelter. A conibear within 32 feet of the trail was found with a dead marten. A Wyoming Game and Fish warden was called, and an investigation showed that the trap was legally placed. This was a legal conibear (quick kill trap).

We rarely post images of trapped animals, but we thought it was appropriate in this case. It’s reality. Graphic images on our website are limited to photo galleries with “warnings” before viewing.

This is a reminder that furbearer trapping season is open – Oct 1 – Mar 1. Conibears are legal on over 85% of our public land, even on the trails. The only setback is 30 feet off of designated public roads.

Resident furbearer trapping licenses cost only $44 for unlimited trapping in most areas.
In the 2013-2014 trapping season, 190 trappers harvested 2,978 marten. 98 snarers harvested 10 marten. 6 Hunters.
Total trappers, snarers and hunters = 294, harvesting 2,988 marten.
We don’t know how many non-target animals were trapped with these devices.

Traps are indiscriminate! To keep your pets safe, please use a leash or voice control. Carry the appropriate tools to release the traps. Know what to do if your pet is caught in one of these devices. View our video on our website: “How to Release Your Pet From a Trap”.
It may save your pet’s life!

Please let us know if you find traps near trails or trapping activity in the area. And share with other users of our public lands.

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