Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Another dog (Yoda) was caught in a trap that was staked out not more than a foot off of a public hiking trail, Connecticut Hill. The trap had jagged teeth, was badly corroded with rust and was attached to an equally rust covered chain. Everyone was traumatized by Yoda’s blood chilling screams. Several strong hikers could not get the teeth apart. Until finally, one person, with great effort, was able to part the teeth just a fraction of an inch, just enough to pull Yoda’s paw out of the trap.
Verdict: Somehow the foot wasn’t seriously damaged, and Yoda was able to walk out without evident discomfort..

The photo shows Yoda after being released from a trap, surrounded by the concerned hikers, and being examined by a hiker who is also a Veterinarian.

Game Warden Eisenberg investigated the incident. The trap was apparently legal and labeled, as well as other traps owned by the trapper.

Placing traps by public hiking trails is unethical and should be illegal! It’s time for trapping reform in every state!

Thanks to Beth Palmer for sharing this traumatic incident for all involved!

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