Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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When humans kill Yellowstone wolves — intentionally or not — pack dynamics suffer

When humans kill Yellowstone wolves — or not—pack dynamics suffer.
Five park study shows that pack reproduction, ‘persistence’ falter after hunting, car wrecks.

“It is more detrimental to lose a leader than any other wolf.”
~ Kira Cassidy, Yellowstone Wolf Project

“I don’t think the purpose of the paper was to be prescriptive,” Smith said. Rather, Smith said, it calls for better cooperation between National Park Service units and the agencies that manage wildlife on their doorstep. But he stopped short of calling for specific policy change.
“Communication is key,” Smith said. “Agencies need to talk.”

Collectively working together…groups, organizations, biologists, photographers, videographers, researchers, and more, the power of our voices will soon bring wildlife management changes to protect and value our wild neighbors. We must all cooperate.

Full article by Billy Arnold with @jhnewsandguide


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