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Wolverines Act Like ‘Smash-and-Grab Burglar’ at Bait Sites in Developed Areas

Wolverines in the Canadian Rockies often act more relaxed in protected areas than they do outside of the parks, leading scientists to suggest the elusive animals are stressed by landscape development.

The research, published in Ecology and Evolution earlier this month, analyzed the behavior of wolverines in thousands of remote photographs taken at 164 baited sites throughout Alberta and Interior B.C.

“Outside of the parks, where the landscape is developed, they develop an in-and-out behavior at baited sites, grabbing what they can quickly and getting out quickly — like a smash-and-grab burglar,” said Jason Fisher, senior research scientist with Alberta Innovates. “Inside the park, they linger for hours and hours, seemingly carefree.

“You can draw a line on a map where the behavior changes.”

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