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WU Helps Bridger-Teton with Coexistence Efforts

As part of our new beaver awareness project, Wyoming Untrapped recently joined with the U.S. Forest Service-Bridger-Teton National ForestFriends of Pathways, and the Northern Rockies Trumpeter Swan Stewards to install signs that will educate the public about aggressive beavers on Crater Lake along the Old Pass Road in Wilson. The signs will help to keep both dogs and the beavers safe and allow the beavers to continue living in this idyllic habitat.

We also assisted the Forest Service to install a beaver baffler to prevent a culvert on the end of the lake from becoming blocked by the efforts of the beavers. It’s possible for beavers and people to coexist, it just takes us being a little smarter than the beavers! One of the beavers even came out while we were installing the baffle to inspect our work.  

All of this is made possible with support and collaboration with the above mentioned partners and a grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

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