Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Wyoming Trapper Fined and Sentenced for Illegal Trapping

This eagle was a non-target species that was captured in a snare. Trappers are required to report the death of a non-target capture, but was not reported in this incident. The trapper was fined and sentenced.
Case Closed
Greybull Game Warden Bill Robertson worked closely with the Big Horn County Attorney’s office to close a long standing investigation and prosecution of Ronald Lineberger of Wapiti for a myriad of illegal trapping activity. A four day jury trial was scheduled for the end of June but the day before jury instructions were to be held, a plea bargain discussion began between the attorneys. Thus the trail was avoided.A change of plea and sentencing hearing was held July 1. Lineberger plead “no contest” to three counts of failure to report the death of non-target species, three counts of failure to properly anchor snares and three counts of failure to properly tag snares. Lineberger was ordered to pay a $7,300 fine, received a 120 day suspended jail sentence and one year of unsupervised probation. Lineberger will also lose his ability to apply for a furbearing license for 27 years and be prohibited from being involved in any snaring activity.Overwhelming evidence collected against Lineberger may have been a factor in the decision not to go to trial.”

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