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Dog Trapping Incident | Alcova, WY

Trap Incident Investigation Report
Date Occurred: October 25, 2015
Location: Near Alcova, WY
Victim Species: Domestic Dog
Victim Name: Anonymous
Owner Name: Anonymous
Victim Outcome: Swelling in Leg, Shaken
Trap Type: Leghold
Trap Legality: Unknown
Legal Outcome: Unknown


Their Story: My boyfriend and I went out to a location that I had taken the dogs to before. We parked in the exact same spot I had parked before, right off a little two-track, but within 30 seconds of unloading the dogs (and 20 feet away from my truck), my yellow lab got caught in a foot trap. Luckily it was a newer trap, so there were no teeth, but her joint swelled and she was very shaken by the experience, as were we. We were also very fortunate that it was her and not our other dog, as he is a smaller dog, and it surely would have broken his leg or worse.

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