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Wyoming Trappers Issued Citations and Fined

May 2015
Trapping Violations – Trappers issued citations and fined.

Game Warden Teal issued the trapper citations for fail to check traps and attempt to take furbearers during a closed season as well as a warning for attempting to take furbearers without a license.

When Teal asked the trapper why he had not attempted to check his traps or pull his traps at the end of the bobcat trapping season he said it was because his trapping partner was “thrown in jail.” It turned out that his trapping partner had committed several violations with his trap sets as well. The first individual pled guilty to fail to check live traps within 72 hours. He pled not guilty to attempting to take bobcats during the closed season. In court he stated that he was attempting to catch coyotes with the traps and therefore could leave them open after March 1. The Judge charged him $220 in fines and suspended his trapping privileges for two years for failing to check his traps, and the individual is expected to come to court for a bench trial for the other charge in June.

Teal also followed up with his trapping partner, who was currently in the Natrona County Jail. The trapping partner admitted to not checking his bobcat trap sets during the season because his driver’s license was revoked. Teal issued him citations for several trapping violations as well.

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