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Wyoming Untrapped Launches New Website for Earth Day

“The Earth is What We All Have in Common”, Wendell Barry

With the increasing challenges to our public lands, Wyoming Untrapped is focusing harder than ever to create a safe habitat for all of our people, pets and wildlife. We’ve built a new website with a fresh design dedicated to the beauty and value of our wild earth friends of all sizes. Please take a look, explore the site and share your thoughts.  We want our new website to be your key resource to understanding our mission, current Wyoming wildlife management policies and the need for change.

What is the one thing you can do to help for Earth Day?  We hope you will support WU as we continue to seek heightened public awareness of modern society views of the intrinsic value of our wildlife, to encourage the use of a science background to manage all wildlife and to promote compassionate co-existence. Our efforts include a new beaver awareness project, a new Field Guide to Wyoming’s Furbearers nearing completion and a petition to remove deadly M-44 poisons from our landscapes.
Your support directly funds these projects and every penny goes straight to work!
Thank you, and Happy Earth Day!

Fox and kit image by:  Ashleigh Scully Photography.

We are extremely grateful to the various photographers and individuals who believe in our mission and who have taken a leap to share their Wyoming images and landscapes for all of you. Thanks to our talented and creative website designers Seadar Dodson and Matthew Lee @


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