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Yellow Lab trapped in leghold – Worland, WY


Yellow Lab found caught in a leghold trap.
WORLAND, WY – NoWater Creek and Sage Creek in a trap set for bobcat.

On Jan 10, 2020, we were alerted about a yellow lab caught in a leghold trap (set for bobcats) for possibly three or more days. Three dogs got out of an open gate and explored the countryside.  Apparently, the traps were about 4 miles from a neighborhood.

We notified Worland Game Warden Matt Lentsch who followed up with an investigation. The trap was determined legal, and although the yellow lab was absent from home for 4 days, the trapper states that he checked his trap the day before the dog was found. Warden Lentsch states that the trap was legally set and the trap check time of 72 hours was met.

The dog was taken to a vet due to injuries, with an extremely swollen foot, but should be ok.

Thanks to Warden Matt Lentsch for investigating the reported incident, and to Miller Vet Clinic for care of the dog.

Meanwhile, bobcat persecution continues with unlimited quotas and any type of legal killing of these gorgeous wild cats. We don’t know the number of non-targets killed by these indiscriminate steel devices.

Photo:  Ron & Linda Adams, Jan 2018


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