Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Dog caught in illegal leghold trap, Casper, WY

“On 4/19/18 at 1130 I warden Jake Kettley contacted xxxx along the Trappers Route Rd.

I had been in contact with an RP who stated that he had been along the Trappers Route running his dog when the  dog stepped in a leg hold trap.  I had the RP accompany me out to the location and he showed me where the trap  had been. The trap was a leg hold tied to a greasewood bush with purple rope, and it wasn’t tagged with a name as required. We walked around some more and I also found several more traps that had name tags on them indicating that xxxx owned them and set them. Among these was a leg hold tagged with xxxx name tied to a bush with the same purple rope. I also found a conibear (quick kill) trap set in the area that didn’t have a name tag on it. About this time is when xxxx showed up to check his traps.

I asked the RP to wait in my pickup while I talked to xxxx. He said that yes the traps were all his and that he thought they were all tagged. I showed him what I had found and he indicated that yes the untagged traps were his.  I issued Mr. xxxx a citation for failing to tag traps and seized the leg hold and quick kill that weren’t  tagged. When I ran Mr. xxxx for local warrants it came back that he did have a warrant for his arrest. I placed him in custody at that time and called the Sheriffs department for transport to town. We waited and I turned Mr. xxxx over to a Sheriffs deputy who took him to town.”

The trapper was fine $370 for failure to tag the traps, and 3 days in jail.

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