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Dog trapped in leghold, adjacent Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, WY

On Dec 9, a dog was caught in a leghold trap on the boundary of the Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge/State Land near Laramie, WY. The location was off of Sand Creek Rd. by the entry to the Refuge. The dog was taken to a veterinarian who determined that no bones were broken. A deputy sheriff was called to the scene, as well as a Laramie game warden. We have submitted a Wyoming public records request for the full investigation results.  The investigation is ongoing.  We will update you when we know more.

*Dogs are to be restrained except while engaged in hunting activity.
If you experience a trapping incident or encounter snares or traps, please take a photo, record the location and report to your wildlife management agency. Also, please report to Wyoming Untrapped as well so that we can alert the public, and log it on our trapping incident database the only database record of trapped pets in the state.
To watch our 11-minute video, How to Release Your Pet From A Trap, with Dave Pauli.
If you want trap-free zones in Wyoming, please continue to reach out to our decision-makers; legislators, Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioners and the Department, Governor Gordon, and your local County Commissioners. Write letters and email, make phone calls, and support the trap-free organizations that work every day to envision a future where inhumane trapping is unimaginable.

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