Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Dog Caught in Leghold, Rock Springs, WY

“On 2/14/18, Game Warden Rob Shipe received a call from a dog owner in Rock Springs, WY who had his dog get caught in a trap at UTM 12 646993 4589544.  He was concerned that there were raven and magpie feathers not far from the trap. I got to the site the 2/15/18 at 10:00 hours and saw that the feathers were not close enough to the sets to resemble baiting.  Since the traps were closed, I put my business card in the trap with instructions for the trap owner to call me upon reception.  I received a call from him around 15:00 hours on 2/19/18 saying he found my card that afternoon.  He claimed he checked his traps on the morning of 16th, which would still make him over the 72-hour window.  He was issued a citation for fail to check steel-jawed leghold traps within 72 hours.”


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