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Dog Trapping Incident – Dubois, WY: Caught in Leghold Trap

ALERT: Wyoming Dog Trapping Incident
Dubois – Pony Creek Rd off of Horse Creek Rd.

On  Feb 11, 2018, a beloved pet, Chet, was caught in a rusted leghold trap. Here is Joan Timchak’s incident report.

“I was walking in Wyoming state lands along Pony Creek Road- just minutes out side of Dubois off Horse Creek Road. I was getting close to my car when my lab mix trotted off- then I heard him starting to scream- My first thought was I hope it’s not a snare- I ran up to him and he was caught in a leghold trap. I tried to open the trap by stepping on the releases on either end- but logistically it was a difficult situation, the trap was also very rusty making it harder to open – I tried prying it open but was not strong enough. I put my other dogs in the car-by then one of them rolled in a very stinky bait near the trap.

I flagged down an ATV and a very nice couple released his leg- The trap was right along the trail. They said how could someone trap there as so many people walk their dogs in the area. They said a trapper had traps all along Pony Creek,
Chet’s foot is OK, he has a bit of swelling and a small laceration.

This is the second time in three years I have had a dog caught in a trap. I do not think it’s fair that trappers basically can put traps anywhere and unsuspecting visitors to public lands have to put themselves, family and pets at risk.”

Traps and trails don’t mix, and we want these traps and snares at least 300 ft. off of our public trails. Trappers should be accountable for injuries to our domestic animals. And warning signs should be placed in areas of traps.

Luckily, Chet was released with minor injuries. Know what to do if your pet is caught in a trap. Our Pet Trap Release Brochure is downloadable to a Smartphone:

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Update: WGFD Game Warden Brain Baker of Dubois (307-455-2424) was contacted early this morning, and he immediately responded to the call from Joan Timchak and WU. He investigated the area, and his supervisor, WGFD Jason Hunter (Lander) shared the resulting details. The traps had been removed as well as all the signs of bait. There was a tag on the trap according to Joan, but no way at this point of identifying the trapper.

Photo by Wildrose Kennels (not Chet)

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