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Dog caught in leghold trap – Johnny Behind the Rocks, Fremont County, WY

On December 9, 2018,
Nicki’s dog Jessie was trapped at Johnny Behind the Rocks, Fremont County
In Nicki’s words:
“Jessie” caught in a leg hold trap – “Johnny Behind the Rocks” Fremont County WY
Our daily hike (December 9, 2018) took us to a well-known and used spot for hiking, running, biking for families. Had just passed the sign “Johnny on Top” when Jessie went to a tree adjacent to trail and was caught. To warn others of this danger we contacted BLM. The State of Wyoming advertises this area for all to come and enjoy with your family, without any warnings. SO WRONG.

Nicki: As far as I am concerned one dog is too many.

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