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Dog Caught in Trap, Ocean Lake, WY




My dog Tippy, a little sheltie, was caught in a trap on private land, (Kent Christensen), off of Dirt Road, Riverton, WY, near Ocean Lake. Unharmed, but terrifying for me, because I couldn’t hear her or locate her for several hours. She suddenly appeared, and a couple weeks later two guys stopped me as I was walking on the road, and said that she’d been caught in their trap (and lucky for me, they had checked that trap just a couple hours after she’d disappeared). I don’t know what kind of trap it was, because she hadn’t called out in pain as she had previously in a leg trap at Ocean Lake, but she was a bit too big to fit into a raccoon live-trap. At the time I was unaware that snares existed, and had assumed it was a live trap, so I didn’t ask the trappers about the type of trap. Very close call.

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