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Dog Trapped in Ten Sleep, WY







On New Year’s Day, a member of the public reached out to us to report a trapping incident with their dog in Ten Sleep, WY. We were on call to respond.

“I took a walk with my husband about three o’clock this afternoon on a road ridge running along the top of a ridge outside of the town of Ten Sleep and just in the foothills of the Big Horns. There were fresh tire tracks the whole way which made for easier walking in the snow. Towards the end of the ridge, we noticed that someone had gotten out and there were footsteps in the snow. There was a swept area under a juniper bush. We immediately suspected a trap, and at the same time our dog stepped in it and started screaming. It was a leg trap and took both of us to free her.” -Josephine’s Owner

We are grateful to know that Josephine has recovered with no permanent injuries and we hope this is her last incident with a trap (she has gotten caught in one once before).

Wyoming Untrapped is working hard to gather all the details regarding this incident. Currently, no information has been released by Wyoming Game and Fish regarding whether or not the traps were set legally or illegally and if any citations were issued. We will continue to follow-up with this story.


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