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Hunting Dog Caught and Killed in Snare, Another Caught in Leghold

Daniel V. Grangaard had a trap line in the Sand Creek drainage of Crook County, WY in November, 2015.

Grangaard set a snare without a break-away device within fifty inches of a beaver carcass more than ten pounds in weight. The snare was set within twelve feet of a white-tailed deer hide, head and spine. That snare caught and killed a lion hunting dog on 11/22/2015.

Grangaard set three leghold traps on the surface of the Boundary Gulch Road on the Haiar Ranch without permission. Two of the traps became tangled in a mulcher doing work on the road on 11-18-2015. One of the traps caught a dog. Leroy Haiar wished to press trespass charges.

A trap with Grangaard’s tag set near Thompson Gulch caught a dog on 11/22/2015.

A trap with Grangaard’s tag set at the head of Shepherd Gulch caught a wild turkey on approximately 11/23/2015. Grangaard did not notify a game warden of the non-target catch and left a severed turkey foot within one foot of the reset trap.

Grangaard caught and killed two red squirrels and left the carcasses next to the traps. Grangaard had two traps set on the surface of the Sand Creek Road. One of these traps was not secured to a drag.

Grangaard set a trap on land owned by Moskee Land Corporation without permission. Details in the narrative.

On the afternoon of 11-22-2015,  xxxxx  reported he had been on a successful lion hunt near Idol Gulch in Crook County, WY.    l was returning to his vehicle when one of his hunting dogs went into a thicket of Hawthorn bushes.  xxxxx   heard the dog yelp so he went into the brush to investigate where he found his dog caught in a snare next to a beaver carcass. -brought his dead dog and the lion to Sundance to show me. I took a photograph of the dog in the back of his pickup. xxxxxxx  gave me the coordinates from his GPS which were N 44 25.465 W104 09.408.

Described the snare as having Daniel Grangaard’s tag and a kill spring on it.   xxxxx   said he left the scene undisturbed except for taking the snare off the

Later on 11-22-2015, -contacted me to report that his dog had been caught in a trap near Thompson Gulch. Tracy was able to remove the dog unharmed. Tracy gave me the trap which had been tagged by Daniel Grangaard.

On 11-23-2015, I located two snares at UTM 13T 567120 4919359. The snare with the “stinger spring” that killed-dog did not have a break-away device on it. I found part of a beaver carcass which weighed over 10 pounds within 50 inches of the snares. There was a white-tailed deer hide and head with the skull plate removed within 12 feet of the snares. The snares were tagged with the following: “Daniel Grangaard PO Box 11 Tok AK 99780”. I took photographs of the scene and seized the snares.

On 11-23-2015, I found a trap tagged by Grangaard at UTM 13T 566969 4919933. The trap was set next to a tree on the surface of the Sand Creek Road. The trap had a dead red squirrel in it. I took photographs of the trap and where it was in relation to the road.

On 11-23-2015, I found a trap tagged by Grangaard at UTM 13T 568212 4922152. The trap had been triggered and there was a dead red squirrel next to it. I took photographs of the trap site.

On 11-24-2015, I spoke with a  xxxxx  at the bottom of Boundary Gulch. -told me his dog had been caught in a trap tagged by Grangaard on 11-18-2015 at UTM 13T 574645 4925514.-said he was running a mulcher mounted to a skid steer loader on the Boundary Gulch Road. Messer had to stop and remove two traps tagged by Grangaard from his machine at UTM 13T 574710 4925893 and UTM 13T 574467 4925378. The traps were attached to drags made of rebar and Messer was concerned that they could be thrown through the windshield of the loader and damage the mulcher. Messer had hung the traps in trees where he found them and they were all gone. All three of the traps had been set on the road surface on deeded land owned by Haiar Enterprises. I spoke with Leroy Haiar on 11-24-2015 and he had not given permission for anyone to trap on his land. Haiar wished to press trespass charges on Grangaard.

On 11-24-2015, I found a trap set at UTM 13T 573160 4922910. There was a wild turkey foot next to it. I seized the foot and trap after photographing them.

On 11-25-2015, I seized the trap I found on the Sand Creek Road surface at UTM 13 T 566969  4919933 on 11-23-2015. The trap had and squirrel were in the same condition they had been in on  11-23-2015.  I left a business card with a note requesting that Grangaard call me as soon as possible.

On 11-25-2015, I found and seized a trap at UTM 13T 567087 4918746. The trap was 15 feet from the centerline of the road and on the road surface. The drag had not been secured to the trap properly. I took photographs of the trap and the improperly attached drag.

On 11-25-2015, I found and seized a trap at UTM 13T 565367 4917852. The trap had been marked with a soda can and was located on deed land owned by Moskee Land Corporation. Moskee Land Corporation manager Paul Jacobson said that he had not given permission to Grangaard.

I found that Daniel Grangaard and Lance Grangaard had 2015 nonresident furbearer licenses. The phone number listed on the licenses had a message that indicated the person was not accepting calls when I called it on 11-24-2015, 11-25-2015, and 11-26-2015.

On 11-26-2015 at 1819 hours, Grangaard called me from 605-641-5882. Grangaard told me he was spending the winter with his son Lance Grangaard in a motor home at The Shop in Beulah. Grangaard said he only had two snares out at the same location and that he checked them on 11-25-2015. I told him I seized them on 11-23-2015. Grangaard admitted putting the beaver carcass next to the snares but said he knew nothing about the deer.

On 11-27-2015, I asked Grangaard where he got the turkey foot I found at the trap near the head of Shepherd Gulch. Grangaard said he caught and killed a wild turkey in the trap on 11-23-2015. Grangaard had not reported the non-target catch and said he must have left the foot there by mistake.

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