Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Increasing Traps on Wyoming Trails

Wyoming furbearer trapping licenses have increased significantly from last year, 2,560 to 3,928,,,,and each year since 2007. THIS INDICATES THAT MORE TRAPS ARE ON TRAILS AND THROUGHOUT OUR PUBLIC LANDS. Which means there is immediate need for separation of hiking trails and traps, and more non-target reporting, including dogs.
NO licenses are required for predator trapping. We don’t know the number of traps that are out there on public lands at any given time of year. Numbers of animals harvested are voluntarily reported through a “survey”. We want more transparency from wildlife management,,, for the number of domestic dog trapping incidents, and all non-target and furbearer animals.
Please help Wyoming Untrapped create trail setbacks for our furryfriends, and additional trapping reform.  Please watch our video and sign the petition. Our work never stops!

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