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How the ex-trapper thinks these days

Words of wisdom from a friend, Carter Neimeyer……

My thought for today – wolf trappers can begin killing wolves in Idaho today (Oct 10) – As a former trapper, rain and snow is NO friend. Rain complicates the setting of traps and the function of the traps when conditions get muddy and the soil saturated – snow is even worse!

So I start praying for rain and snow in the mountains to aid wolves, coyotes and other native predators who will be targeted from now until March and even longer in some locations. I worry about the bears and their cubs and mountain lions and their kittens that will step in the gigantic wolf traps and be crippled, maimed and sometimes killed illegally by trappers.

Allowing wolf size traps to be set this time of year is asinine and ONLY a reminder of the RETRIBUTION that Idaho Fish and Game and other political entities have toward wolves. Wolf fur isn’t even prime to well into November and a lot of wolf pups will only weigh about 50 pounds and be living in rendezvous sites yet with their parents – mostly lacking any experience to hunt for themselves. A sad state of affairs imo!

And, IF you are a dog owner out for a hike on OUR public lands or a bird hunter with your bird dogs on private or public lands, well, your dogs will fall victim to the traps (and neck snares) too.

My prayers were answered with a nice steady rain today and an extended forecast that some mountainous regions will be getting snow. This is GOOD for the land and the predators.
So think about LOTS of rain and snow this winter to mess up the traps and protect the native predators. That’s how this ex-trapper thinks these days……… just saying……. Say your prayers!

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