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Time to Re-examine!

So a trapper sets an illegal trap, harms a couple’s dog, ruins their experience in the outdoors–and we get an article on how “fun” it is for trappers to get out and make a little money.

It was a “misunderstanding” that he set an illegal trap? He’s not sure whether he should accept responsibility for his actions, or contest the charges? He wants to make it clear that his traps aren’t as bad as the ones in the cartoons, with the flesh-tearing jaws?

If the violations here aren’t enough to make this situation clear, take a look at trapping ethics: avoid sets and locations that are likely to catch people’s dogs.

This incident, and the attempt at the light-hearted dismissal of it in this article, show the kind of careless attitude that some trappers and trapping lobbyists have toward the consequences of their actions–in this case, even in the face of clear violations of the law. It illustrates the need for improvements in public safety through the strict enforcement of meaningful trapping regulations. In this case, it looks like the trapping regulations were sufficient; but what is this casual attitude we’re seeing on the part of the reporter, the trapper, and the Missouri Department of Conservation? Not what you could call a reflection of strict enforcement. Not a great sign for the state of outdoor recreation and conservation. Time to re-examine.

Scott Slocum

Read full article:  Couple’s Dog Gets Caught in Steel Trap Set in Jackson County Park

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