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Alaska State Representative Proposes Trapping Bill

ALASKA — State Representative Josephson has proposed a bill that would mandate all traps to be set back 200 feet from any public trail.

Representative Josephson stated, “Although I don’t trap, I understand Alaska very, very well. I mean, I’ve lived here 52 years. I’ve lived twice in rural Alaska,” he said. “I’m troubled by this belief that the trappers have a right to trap wherever they want whenever they want to. It’s very much an all-or-nothing type of position.”

Peter Buist, founder of the Alaska Trappers Association says, “I’m a product of public school math, but to me that works out to about 50 acres closed to trapping for every mile of trail … You ultimately … take millions of acres out of, close to it trapping,” he said. “The one-size-fits-all approach of just limiting trappers, it’s not fair.”

Local trappers say the blanket ban on traps close to trails would unfairly limit their recreational opportunity.  The problem with allowing trapping to continue to occur near trails is that you are limiting dog owners’ ability to recreate safely.  This law would be an effective compromise that allows both user groups access to public lands in Alaska.

Full story from KTOO Public Media

Photo: KTOO Public Media

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