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Two Men Charged With Setting Hundreds of Illegal Traps in Minnesota

MINNESOTA — Reports of a dead wolf caught by a snare led officials to discover over 600 illegals snares set by two men.  The case involved investigation over a two-year period which has finally led to charges being filed against the men.

Officers seized 17 fox, two fisher, five snowshoe hares and one deer illegally trapped on the trap lines, according to the complaint. Before the investigation was complete, more than 20 conservation officers were involved.

The charges for each trapper include gross misdemeanor charges of illegally taking or possessing pine marten, otter, fisher or wolverine; misdemeanor charges of failure to check snares daily; misdemeanor charges of using snares larger than permitted; and petty misdemeanor charges of using untagged traps or snares.

The defendants have been summoned to appear in court on April 13. Maximum sentence for conviction on the gross misdemeanor charge is one year in prison and a fine of $3,000. The other charges carry lesser fines.

It is clear that both of these men have no respect for the law or wildlife and should be banned from hunting, trapping and fishing for life.

Full story from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Photo: RJ Pisko

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