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Alaskan Dog Loses Leg and Three Toes to Trap

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA — A husky/shepherd mix named Sasha was caught in a leg-hold trap for a week, lost 15 pounds and had to have a leg and three toes amputated.  As is often with animals caught in traps, she also had three broken teeth from trying to chew her way out of the trap.  This is what is wrong with trap check times and trapping in general.  It’s extremely tragic that this happened to a dog, but our wildlife suffer the same.  Trap check times need to be 24 hours maximum and traps need to be setback from hiking trails.  Period.

The area where Sasha was caught is popular with many locals as a place to exercise their dogs and enjoy nature.

“Although I feel very positive that she is alive, at home and that’s all that really matters at this point, it’s really upsetting to know that a beautiful animal that used to be a race champion is not going to be able to do what she loves again,” said Ruckhaus.”

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Photo: Sasha and her owner Nina Ruckhaus.  Dermot Cole/Alaska Dispatch News

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