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ALERT! – Bald Eagle with Leghold Still Attached!


Eagle rescued by the Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!
“We had another sighting this afternoon and were able to get it caught up and the trap removed. The eagle is a bit thin, and will need to have the tip of the toe amputated where the trap was, but it is still VERY feisty, and in relatively good shape. If you were lugging around just under a quarter of your body weight, you’d be tired too!!!”

Read full article: Wolf Hollow Rescues Eagle from Trap

False Bay eagle with foothold rescued by Wolf Hollow Reabilitation Center, 4.15.16


“An adult bald eagle with a steel leg-hold trap on its talon was spotted by Kimbal Sundberg as he was conducting a COASST survey at False Bay on San Juan Island Sunday, May 8, 2016. Staff from Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center responded but were unable to capture the eagle.”

“Sundberg notified the state Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Monday morning. They are investigating possible illegal trapping (trapping season closed March 31).”

“As of Monday morning, the bird was spotted flying and perching in the False Bay area with the trap still attached to its talons. Anyone spotting the bird is urged to contact Wolf Hollow at 360.378.5000.”

“Anyone with knowledge of the trap is urged to contact Ralph Downes at WDFW at 360.202.7562.”

This bald eagle is just another victim of trapping that will most likely die as a result of not being able to hunt. Trappers continue to assert that if they catch any other animal than the one they intended, they release it unharmed. However, there are too many pictures like this that prove otherwise.  Let’s hope this eagle gets captured and gets the help it needs to be cared for and re-released into the wild.  Please call the numbers above if you have any information about this eagle.

Photo by Kimbal Sundberg

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