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Coyotes Kill, Injure Dogs Near John Dodge, Jackson, Wyoming

Coyotes kill, injure dogs near John Dodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s deeply tragic that a family has lost their beloved pet. It’s coyote denning season and the raising of pups during May – August. These incidents can be prevented. Please, learn what to do to coexist with wildlife by reviewing these informational resources shared by for “Coexisting with Coyotes”. Know what to do!

Although free roaming pets are more likely to be killed
by automobiles than by wild animals, coyotes may view
cats as potential prey and dogs as competition. Other
domestic animals including sheep, chickens and rabbits
may also be seen as food and must be protected.
Consider the following:

– Don’t let domestic animals roam; keep them securely
enclosed and protected at night.

– Fence your property. The fence must be at least 6 feet
tall with the bottom extending at least 6 inches below
the ground. Fences are more effective by using wire
mesh, outwardly inverting the top of the fence, by
using electric fencing along the top and bottom (more
strands for protecting livestock), or by installing the
CoyoteRoller™ which makes it difficult for predators
to gain the “foothold” they need to pull up and over the
top of an enclosure (see:

– Llamas, donkeys, and livestock guard dogs are
effective in reducing coyote-livestock conflicts.

– Don’t leave animal foods outside; keep all food
well secured.

– Install motion-sensor lights near buildings.

– Walk dogs on leashes, particularly during coyote
mating and pupping seasons (see chart).

– Spay or neuter your dogs. Though uncommon, coyotes are attracted to, and can mate with, dogs.

For more information:…/…/10/Coexisting_Brochure_oct2015.pdf

Thank you!

Photo: John Fandek.

Two miniature schnauzers ended up on the bad side of a scuffle with a group of coyotes Thursday near the West Bank’s John Dodge neighborhood.

One of Darrell and Melody Martin’s pets was found severely maimed near a home they look after, and another was killed.

The two dogs took off on a paved path along a small lake in the neighborhood, chasing after what Melody Martin thought were geese.

“I put another dog in the house and came back hollering at them to come back,” she said. “It wasn’t 100 yards up the path I found my first dog with three coyotes standing over it, and I thought he was dead.”

The dog, Jack, ended up surviving and is now in the care of the Spring Creek Animal Hospital.

Later when Darrell Martin went looking for their other dog, Bailey, he discovered her a half-mile away on the ground, still breathing with a coyote nearby. She later died on the way to the veterinarian.

Miniature schnauzers are a compact breed that range from about 12 to 20 pounds — considerably smaller than a coyote.

The Martins have observed coyotes in the neighborhood for a while but never had a negative interaction. Usually the coyotes watch their dogs from afar, Darrell Martin said.

A den, he said, is located in the yard of a next door neighbor who seldom occupies the vacation home.

“We’ve been seeing the coyotes now for the past year,” he said, “because a mother moved in there last winter and had puppies and they were kind of adorable and cuddly and cute and all that. But now they are not so cuddly.”

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