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“Bella” caught in leghold trap – Johnny Behind the Rocks, WY

“Bella” was out in the Johnny Behind the Rocks area, along with a foster dog on a 20-foot leash on February 17, 2019.  Bella is a golden/chow mix with excellent recall and is always allowed off-leash.  Kevin and Tammy (Bella’s owners) and the dogs were heading north on Red Ridge on a 2-track road.  The trap was 10 feet off the trail, underneath a Jupiter tree with a low slung limb.  Bella’s front foot was caught in the leghold anchored by a 24″ anchoring chain.  Kevin placed his coat over Bella’s head, but could not release the trap with his hands.  With chain wrapped around the tree, leatherman pliers were strong enough to turn a threading link in the chain to break it.  Kevin was able to free her from the leghold by using his knees to release the trap.  He called the BLM ranger and G&F to meet them to report the incident.  Bella remains free and untrapped.

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