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Bobcats Deemed More Valuable Alive Than As Fur Coats

“There was once a time when high-fashion winter coats made from animal fur were highly prized. You might think those days are over, but they’re not. The most coveted fur of all is bobcat fur from the American West. But not everyone thinks their fur coats are the animals’ only value.
Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards (@MelodieEdwards3) reports.”

This magnificent bobcat found on the Madison River, YNP, just by its presence, gave opportunity and pleasure to visitors around the world who had traveled here to catch a glimpse. But yet the Wyoming Game and Fish Department continues to legalize bobcat trapping and hunting with unlimited quotas for just pennies – a $45 trapping permit to trap a bobcat valued only for its fur.

Listen to the NPR interview as we give our bobcats a voice:

Learn more about the bobcat study:


Thanks to Melodie Edwards w/WPR, Mark Elbroch and Jenny Fitzgerald w/ Panthera Puma Program, National Public Radio, and Wyoming Public Radio

Big thanks to Tom Mangelsen for sharing this photo of support for our Wyoming cats.
And warm gratitude to the Gerry Scully and family for their vision and support.


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