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Game and Fish Uses Fladery to Deter Wolves

G&F Uses Fladery to Deter Wolves

Fladery. It almost seems too simple to be true. Erecting a temporary perimeter fence with strips of red plastic to flutter in the wind and scare wolves away from livestock. Yeah, right. Well, so far it seems to be working, at least on a temporary basis.

Large carnivore biologists with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department install a fence with fladery to keep wolves from a landowner’s cattle while they’re calving. The fladery has been in use for the past several weeks at a rancher’s calving pasture and there have been no further incidents with wolves to date, where there typically has been in the past. While no methods are 100 percent effective, the Game & Fish will continue to work with willing landowners to implement this relatively inexpensive and nonlethal strategy for deterring wolf depredation on their cows and newborn calves. As simple as it may be, it seems to have helped at least one rancher through the calving season with no losses to wolves.

Jackson Game and Fish May 2018 Newsletter

Photo courtesy of NRDC.

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