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Coyote-killing M-44’s Targeted as Dangerous

Wildlife advocates say baited cyanide canisters are a threat to people and their pets.

A petition unveiled Tuesday asks the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to cease all use of spring-loaded cyanide devices and to remove those currently set out. Equality State turf, the petitioners argue, should not be turned into “potentially deadly minefields for any reason.”

Given the serious negative impacts of M-44s on native wildlife and the clear and present danger that M-44 devices pose to people and their pets,” the petition reads, “the use of M-44s on public or private lands in Wyoming is unjustifiable and counter to the public interest.”

Read full JHNews and Guide article by Mike Koshmrl:

Full petition:
Full Press Release:

Thanks to additional Wyoming groups for joining the Coalition to halt the use of M-44’s! PAWS of JH, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, Western Watersheds Project, and Happy Endings Animal Rescue.  See the full coalition in the Press Release.

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