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Dog Caught in Leghold | Shell, WY

Shell, WY – October 2017

Lynette Murray called us to share the details of a trapping incident involving her dog, Molly.

“I sent a couple of pictures of my dog Molly who was caught in a fox trap in early October. She is fine. A kind rancher Stan Flitner (his daughter Sarah is a former Jackson mayor) helped me set her free.
The trap was about 10 miles east of Greybull off the Red Gulch dinosaur track road. It is an area where I have walked with her hundreds of times. It is a wide open high desert area on BLM land.
After Molly was freed, I contacted a local game warden Bill Robertson, 307-765-2163. I showed him the trap. It was legal. A few days later he told me the trap had been set by three men from New York. They had set over a hundred traps in the area in an attempt to acquire enough pelts to finance a hunting trip on the east side of the Big Horns. Bill told them pelts this time of year are worthless and they would probably have more conflicts with others in the area.
The next day the trap Molly was caught in was gone.
An acquaintance who used to trap did give me a helpful tip: when anyone is attempting to free an animal from a trap, throw a coat, jacket, sweater, etc. over the animal’s head. Pull a sleeve up so it acts as a muzzle. It calms the creature and prevents it from biting. I used this technique to free Molly – it works!”

Please know what to do if your pet is caught in a trap.
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Photo: Molly, caught in leghold trap.

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