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Dog Caught in Trap in New Mexico – Would You Know What to Do?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A trap hidden in the dirt and set near a road, picnic area and popular hiking trail catches a 25-pound dog named Cub. Luckily the owner was able to free the dog but stated the dog was in “terrible pain.” The dogs owner, John Ussery, is worried other pets or children may be caught by the trap and commented that, “”Those things are indiscriminate. Those things catch anything that comes along.”

In New Mexico, traps are not supposed to be set near picnic areas or public trails, making this an illegally set trap. We often hear of illegally set traps leading us to believe this is the norm rather than the exception. With the new rule allowing mountain lion trapping in New Mexico, cases like this one are likely to increase.

KNOW WHAT TO DO if your dog is trapped! Keeping your dog safe is your responsibility. Keep control of your dog at all times, and within eyesight or voice command. If you encounter traps or snares, immediately leash your dog. Consider a trap removal tool kit before you go.

View our brochure: Trap Safety for Pet Owners, downloadable to a Smartphone.

Watch our video: How to Release Your Pet From a Trap.

If you believe the traps are illegally set, immediately notify the nearest Wyoming Game and Fish Department office, or Wyoming Game Wardens at the STOP POACHING HOTLINE, 877-WGFD-TIP or 307-777-4330.

Also call Wyoming Untrapped for alerting public for safety, 307-201-2422 or

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Full story about Albuquerque Dog Incident.

Story from the Albuquerque Journal.

Photo Greg Sorber, Albuquerque Journal.

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