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TRAP ALERT – Buffalo Valley, Wyoming


Conibear cubby sets for pine marten have been located adjacent to Teton Wilderness Rd. in Buffalo Valley, WY. Concern has been expressed to us about the proximity to the neighborhood, in an area where neighbors walk dogs and cross country ski. This wide log could easily be used by a pet, and the baited conibear was located at the outside edge of the cubby entry.

We have contacted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Although these traps may be legally set, we have asked if the trapper could move them to another area to mitigate any chance of a pet trapping incident. It is illegal to tamper with a trap.

Be prepared: Learn about trapping and KNOW WHAT TO DO! Keeping your dog safe is your responsibility. Keep control of your dog at all times, and within eyesight or voice command. If you encounter traps or snares, immediately leash your dog. Consider a trap removal tool kit before you go.

View our brochure: Trap Safety for Pet Owners, downloadable to a Smartphone.

Watch our video: How to Release Your Pet From a Trap.

If you believe the traps are illegally set, immediately notify the nearest Wyoming Game and Fish Department office, or Wyoming Game Wardens at the STOP POACHING HOTLINE, 877-WGFD-TIP or 307-777-4330.

Also call Wyoming Untrapped for alerting public for safety, 307-201-2422 or

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