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Dog “Henry” caught in snare west of Ten Sleep, WY

Alert! Dog trapping incident, Saturday, Feb 26.
Tensleep, 2-3 miles west of Ten Sleep on Little Cotton Creek about 1/2 mile north of US 16.
Wyoming Untrapped was notified on Feb 26, 2021 around noon by the owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer that was caught in a snare tight around his neck but also wrapped around his rear leg, so he was on his backside. The owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, was able to release the snare after his dog bit him a few times. The dog seems to have suffered no injury. Other snares were in the area, set in the bottom of gullies, suspended from sagebrush. He saw no sign of previous human activity near the snares.
The owner called WGFD, which was forwarded to the highway patrol dispatch. WGFD, a warden from Cody, later called him and then contacted the Wildlife Services government trapper. Shortly after, the government trapper called. The government trapper had posted signs near the snares, but the dog owner had made a big loop around where he saw a car parked. The trapper said there are some sheep just north of the area and, with lambing season approaching, he was trying to minimize predation. He said he would remove the snares if the dog owner was going back in there, and told him where his other sets are. Both G&F and the trapper were courteous, polite, and apologetic.
Snares remain in this area. Take precautions and know what to do if your pet is trapped. Always carry a cable-cutter in the field. It may save your pet’s life. We have the recommended tool on our website shop. To learn more:
Wildlife Services focuses on predator control, needlessly killing every coyote they can target, in any manner, any day of the year. Add wolves, foxes, furbearers and more to the killing.
For each of our posts, please consider making a phone call or sending an email expressing your opinion. Our wildlife management decision-makers need to hear from you. Thank you!
You can politely reach out to:
Governor Mark Gordon
You can reach out to;
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Director Doug Miyamoto
State Director USDA/Wildlife Services-
Mike Foster
(307) 261-5336


Know what to do if your pet is caught in a trap or snare. Download to your smartphone for access in the field.

Watch our 11-minute video: “How to Release Your Pet From a Trap

Watch our virtual Trap Release Workshop featuring Dave Pauli of the Humane Society of the U.S.

Carry tools with you if needed to help release your pet. We have assembled UNtrap Packs to make it easier for you. At a minimum, carry an aircraft cable cutter if your pet is caught in a snare. These tools could save your pet’s life.

Have you experienced a negative trapping incident involving you, your pet, your family, or another living thing?
Please share your story on our trapping incident form so that we can help you in whatever way we can and bring the realities of trapping to a broader public. Your personal information will be respected, and you may submit anonymously.

Provide as much as possible of the following information so that your report will be as effective as possible. Include species of animal, type of trapping device, name of dog (if applicable), any injuries incurred by animals or humans involved, medical expenses, and as much additional detail as possible. Also, photos are very helpful but not required. We encourage you to include multiple photos and videos of trap, trap set area, bait, wild animal, dog, injury, and a picture of your dog without the trap to add a face to your story.

Please consider becoming an advocate and taking action!  Join our newsletter, and get involved. We need your help!

Stay safe, everyone!


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