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Dog Luckily Survives Snare Trap in Idaho

Full article at the Missoulian.

“On Dec. 28, the Idaho Falls woman was running four dogs on her property east of Iona when a 5-year-old Weimaraner named Maggie went missing. The Soderquists have 35 acres of alfalfa and willows on the northern side of the Sand Creek Canal. The canal makes up the southern border of the property they’ve owned for 28 years.”

“The yips led Soderquist and the other dogs directly to Maggie, who was caught in a snare trap that had been set on the canal bank to catch coyotes.

The cable was tight around Maggie’s head just behind her ears.

Normally, a snare trap is a death sentence for a dog because they struggle to get loose and pull the snare tighter and tighter, eventually choking themselves out.

Maggie, however, was largely calm, which saved her life.”

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